Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artisan Clay - Art Deco & Industrial

I'm hanging out in Northern Virginia awaiting a big-ass storm.  I'm normally down in Hampton, Virginia, which is expecting some serious Irene impact, so instead of sitting in my apartment with the cats waiting for the power to go out, I joined up with my husband at his/our house farther north.  As a result of this crazy week, I neglected my Artisan Clay Design Team duties and didn't finish my piece for this month!  Plus, I have to admit, the "last Friday of the month" always seems to come too quickly and I never seem to budget enough time.  Kristie, I promise I'll do better next month!  haaaaaaaaaa

The pieces Kristie came up with this month are least I was really challenged.  She created art-deco-inspired shapes and mine has an industrial bronzish-metalish finish sort of like this one (which is in her Etsy shop at the moment):
Mine has a different tone (less blue) and a different set of connectors, so it's sort of like a puzzle trying to figure out just how to fit it into something very "jenjuddrocks" but still featuring it as a focal.  I don't want it to become "just a finding" along with another focal...I want it to become an actual integral part of a focal "arrangement."  I love the grey-bronzish finish that's a lot like this big pendant:
That's where the "industrial" comes in.  I posted a few days ago about the demolition behind my is really amazing to see this structure come down piece by piece (and will be even more amazing to see how the site looks after 70 mph winds throw all the debris around...nice).  Since this is what I see every day out my window, I want to pay homage and really go industrial with my Artisan Clay design.  The ideas are there, but when I say there, that means Hampton, which is not where I am at the moment.  haaaaaaaaaaa
In lieu of sharing my own design, I'm going to point you to the other Design Team folks and their amazing interpretations!

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  1. be careful with that big ass storm coming your way. we really dodged (another) bullet this year. although, my man keeps wanting a storm to come so he can say he lived through a hurricane before we leave florida. I keep telling him, "it's nothing to wish for." hope your power doesn't go out.


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