Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Flowery Chandelier Picnik

I was in a Picnik sort of mood tonight, so here's what I did...

First is the picture as it came out of the camera.  It's from an kick-ass antique market in Atlanta.  They had the most amazing chandeliers...I have more pics and will share eventually.  I'm still recovering from the phenomenal meals we had there at a couple of former Top Chef contestants' restaurants.  I had six types of protein in one day!!  It was heaven!

Here's the first cool effect:

Then this one that I LOVE!  It reminds me of my favorite polymer clay extrusion and layering methods, but this one is a lot less messy and only takes a few keystrokes.  :)

And finally this one...I love the yellow-green color in the background.  I actually just bought an armchair and ottoman that color...Curt says he likes the color, so we'll see!  haaaaaaaaa


  1. You are right, that chandelier is kick ass. I also love the second picture. At first I though it was the center of the chandelier. Very cool.

  2. Great chandelier - and I just love the first altered photo!!!!! So cool!

  3. LOVE the second picture (first one with effects)! I like using Picnik, too. :)

  4. Love, Love the chandelier! I love Top Chef...how cool to experience their talents!

  5. These are really cool. Hmm....more fun things to play with.
    Bead Happy!

  6. Jen
    You are very talented! Your blog is awsome. Your eye for design and patterns is unique and interesting.- Rob

  7. That is a unique chandelier! Love your photos- don't you just love playing with photoshop?

  8. Gah! I love these. I wish that I had time to do more fun stuff with photos. These are really fun. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

  9. I love the second picture! Wonderful.


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