Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ABS Carnival Bloggers: Making a Statement!

I thought a lot about what statement this piece makes...
my mind just settles on this one with a big loud laugh and a smile: 
 "The B*tch Has Beads!" 
I used every kind of glass bead I had in my inventory from handmade lampwork art beads to recycled glass to Czech glass to furnace glass to peacock glass to vintage Japanese name it and it's probably in here.

On that note, in honor of the Bead and Button show going on this month, our illustrious leader, Cindy, challenged the Carnival crowd to try something different.  The lampwork beads are from Lisa New, HMB Studios, & Linden Avenue Designs, that I know of...there are some other "mystery" beads on there that I bought a long, long time ago and I don't remember the artists since back then I didn't pay enough attention. 

So, there are some other folks out there with big statements to make, so please go check out their pieces, too!

~ Cindy Dolezal (who's my bead soup partner AND she's having a giveaway this week!)
~ Cindy Gimbrone, the Lampwork Diva and our ABS Carnival guide
~ Christine Hansen's Intuitive Sparks light up the glass bead making world.
~ Island Girl's Insights are shown in her glass works.
~ Janel Dudley - She's a Fire Diva who rocked her orphans!
~ Jeannie has a couple of pieces in the latest Bead Trends magazine.
~ Sharon Palac at her Jewelry Garden - She's been doing a lot of cool metal work lately!
~ Kate Clawson at Organic Odysseys shares pretty, pretty goodies.
~ Marcie Abney at La Bella Joya - She makes my fave beaded beads.
Mary Harding's statement is all about Beads of Clay in a BIG way!
~ Nicki from Nicki's Reef over in Germany!



  1. That is one lucky "B'!! I wish I had her beads!! LOL Very very nice!! my favorite colors too!

  2. I love lots of beads together. And you certainly have some beauties. Great Statement.

  3. What a beautiful piece. I've been looking for that kind of colored multi strand necklace. Any ideas where to get them? Thanks

  4. LOL! I love your title!That's a swanky piece!

  5. Wow, love that one! regards Stefanie

  6. That's really a nice piece! I like your purple cord.... Thanks for the one line bios!

  7. Love the colors and the combos! It begs to be touched and played with and oggled over! Like something from a galaxy far away or under the deep blue sea! Stunning!

  8. "She who dies with the most beads...wins", or something like that. Gorgeous piece, Jen!

  9. what a great title for your statement necklace! I'd say you have bads! LOL! It's just gorgeous! Luv it! Thanks for participating!


  10. Jen, I love that necklace. Your namesake piece freakin' rocks! :) It also makes me smile.

    Keep putting your charisma out there! :) It's much appreciated girl!

    Have a terrific evening!


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