Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zig Zaggin'

As part of my show prep for October, I've been working on my show table covers. In between reading articles about America's energy issues (for tomorrow's class) I spent time out picking up poplin and zigzagging edges upon edges upon edges of material. Why don't I just buy tablecovers, you ask? Because they're way too expensive and I can't find the sizes I need. So, Little Ms. Homemaker and her old Morse sewing machine had a great time this afternoon.

I've been to the fabric store three times to get the right amout of material and they're convinced that I'm making witch and vampire costumes for the whole neighborhood with all the black material I now own.

While cutting, I thought of my ma often since she's wonderful with some shears. I actually still have the prom dresses that she made for me well over 20 years ago. Purple satin...what a dream!! Anyway, I apparently did not get the gift from either ma or my Grammy, who could tailor a suit with her eyes shut! My cut lines are not exactly straight, but I can still hope to do better with the seams when it all comes together. Maybe, though, rather than blaming a lack of natural talent, I can blame my helpers...

...Brando got in a big fight with the fabric so Coco came over to find out what was up. She just looks overall disgusted that my attention is on something other than her food needs. haaaaaaaa

But, back to the zig zagging...once I finished up the raw edges of the fabric, I figured I owed myself some time in the workshop. So, I headed down the zig zagging path towards Earringville with lots of sterling silver wire.

I learned a trick to make the two sides equal: use some masking tape to hold the wires together. But, I tried that for the first pair and got tape stuck on the pliers while I worked so that idea went out the window. Instead, I decided it's like a puzzle to try to make the two sides even. And, even it they're not quite perfect, that's just fine with me because nothing in life is quite perfect!! haaaaaaa

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