Monday, September 7, 2009

Autumn in Mookaite...

Fall is my favorite time of the year...takes me back to my childhood home and the huge piles of leaves and that wonderful crunch under my feet while walking down the hill to school. Plus, you can't beat pumpkin lattes. haaaaaaaaa

But this fall is starting off extra special with the gorgeous colors of mookaite--it's a type of jasper that features wonderfully rich yellows and reds. I created this necklace, called Autumn's Jumbled, making the most of the golds and reds in an asymmetrical design with a big chunky bunch of glass, stones, and silver in the center.

And, while I think the design is really cool, what's even neater is that it's published in Bead Trends magazine's September issue!! If you get a hold of a copy, check out pages 26 and 27!!! Their pictures of "Jumbled" are soooo pretty!!

You can see another great example of a necklace featuring this gorgeous stone on the Art Bead Scene!

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