Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Right there in black and white!

I was fixated on this blog problem all day. When I got home today after talking about Air Forcey research stuff all day, I went to work on my own research. I dove into Flickr and figured out all sorts of crazy things! And, I fixed my own code!!! haaaaaaaaa It was all right there in front of me...I just had to read between the lines and actually figure it out.

So, speaking of black and white, I have to say that my new favorite piece of clothing is this zebra-print silk sweater from Chico's. I normally don't buy things that aren't on some sort of sale, but this just struck me and I had to have it. My wonderfully supportive girlfriends with me there in San Antonio also helped with the decision making. :) Amazingly enough, I wear it all the time! My friends might think it gets old, but I don't! And, it has motivated me into the black and white world with my beading.
I am completely enamored with rock crystal...rough, tumbled, faced, smooth, round, square...whatever, I love it!! So, when a classmate asked for something special for his wife's birthday, that's the first thing I went towards on the table. I used a mix of shapes, sizes, and textures to bring this to life and then created a focal clasp using one of my squiggled wire shapes and a swirled silver hook.

Maybe I've OD'd on the color lately with all the clay work I've been doing...or, maybe I'm so used to reading pages and pages of Air Force research, policy, and doctrine that black and white just feels comfortable to me now! Either way, I'm enjoying the experiments without much color involved...sticking with my greys, blacks, whites, and clear.

Oh, that reminds me of some other good news. One of my rock crystal designs got picked up for the Winter issue of Stringing! So, be on the lookout!!!

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