Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pancake Pixie Platform

I keep hearing from my friends back in Virginia and Pennsylvania about how wonderful these first days of autumn-like weather are--open windows, cool breezes, and leaves just starting to change. I, on the other hand, am experience rain and humidity. I'm not complaining, it could be worse...I could be living in the trailer park on Maxwell AFB and be experiencing flooding like some friends of mine.

I looked outside the other day and, with my foggy just-out-of-bed eyes, saw what looked like a bunch of pancakes thrown all around a tree in my back yard. I stopped and stared for a bit before realizing they were mushrooms and then I just laughed out loud (and scared the cats). Apparently, one of the cool side effects of all this rain (aside from the wheat field growing up in my neighbor's yard) is the mushroom crop! Over night, dozens of big mushrooms pop up in big rings--there's one of these "pixie rings" of mushrooms out in my back yard. According to my expert googling, if you sleep in the middle of one of these mushroom rings, you won't get visited by pixies any more. As I like my pixie visits, I have chosen to stay with the cats and just admire the pancake pixie platfrom from indoors.

I got down to see if there's anything good under luck...I still don't see autumn heading my way any time soon!

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  1. Hey Jenn, please contact me. You won one of the prizes in the block (blog)party give away.


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