Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Scent of Taos Chaos

I created my first ring today! I had the lovely beads from Taos that Alicia picked out for me sitting out on the table in their subtle clay beauty wondering when I was going to take them off their plain old string and make something...well, I made this big bouquet ring with lots of my fave orangina bits...wood, agate, lampwork glass, vintage glass, and carnelian. Sure, it looks a little violent, but I love it!! The bigger the better!!

I know my fingernail looks gross, sorry!! haaaaaaa

After my orange mania, I took the Taosian clay bits...that smell like a peaceful incense...and mixed them with pearls, glass disks, and aquamarine for a couple of pendants and a fun bracelet. I really love being able to mix up some handmade beauties that came from someone's personal work and vision and combine them with some of nature's finest pretties...I can throw in some fun glass bits and silver coils just because I love them!!

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