Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go Pink ~ Go Striped ~ And Four Hours Later....

I had a dream last night about a couple of black and white striped kittens that seems to have influenced my choice of colors on this Thurs-clay afternoon. I wanted to take the strictness of black and white stripes and combine them with something soft and feminine. I picked a couple of colors of pink and some chocolatey brown. I went with round shapes and played with different variations of layering and rolling until I came up with some cool beads and cutouts that I love!!
Then, I used the thin layering technique called "mokume gane" with some of my scraps and created some truly wonderful things, including this flat "panel" that has so much wonderful dimension!! There were a couple of yucky ones, too, of course, but they get rolled up into something new. haaaaaaaaaa

Because I was loving the colors so much, I worked on some other marbling to see what I could come up with. I used a translucent clay, though, that makes the back of these look sort of like the dried up skin on your big toes (which I decided not to share pics of! haaaaaaaa). I have to fix those up, but a little sand paper should do the trick.

Finally, I took everything I had left and rolled bits and pieces into a big cane and cut some small flat beads. I love the combination...I especially love that every time I sit down to the clay lumps on the table, I have no idea what might result...and I can never make the same thing twice!!

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