Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clay Playtime

Over the course of the last few weeks, I've been building new crafty brain cells in some great classes. Some of these I found thanks to handy, dandy Google at the Del Ray Artisans wonderful little gallery up in Alexandria, VA. Ms. Susan Gantz taught a couple of wonderful Thursday evenings on the magic of polymer clay!! I've been out and about on the web and found a fun blog called Art Bead Scene that features chit chat from folks that make their beads...including some awesome clay beads. I never realized the possibilities!!!! Susan opened my eyes to a very fun way to work with color, texture, and my own ideas of what's pretty or what's cool...she totally encouraged my freeform ideas and I had a blast!! So, of course, I went to Michael's, coupons in hand, to purchase my "start up" kit of clay and tools. So, above you can see my first batch of beads (and other random shapes that I ended up with that looked too cool to ball up and toss). I was so psyched that even the smell of the polyclay baking didn't bother me. haaaaaaaaaaa

After all those fumes, I was feeling color-splashing happy, so I glazed up a couple of those tasty looking beads and combined them with glass, cotton, stone and a little silver for some yummy summer lovin' in this bracelet!! Orange is my best friend and I love how it works with green and pink to make this delicious piece!! It's so chunky and bright that I can totally picture it adorning my wrist as I reach towards a pina colada that a hunky young bartender is handing me from the poolside bar....oh, what a dream. (I'll go back to talking to the cat now...haaaaaaaaaa)

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  1. Love your bracelet and bright colors. This would be a fun one to wear.


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