Saturday, July 12, 2008

Glass Bead Bonanza!

I got some great treats in the mail today...first, a gift from my good friend, Lauren, who visited our favorite bead shop in Honolulu. She sent me a gorgeous Calvin Orr bead in my favorite bright orange color! I was directed to make something for myself, so I broke out some more of my fave orange bits and found an odd bit of chain that was perfect to get a nice dangle going on! I love it!! Thanks, my friend...:)

Then, my next package was an order of fantastic glass disks from HMB Studios that I ordered last week during a flurry of late night shopping. You can see some of the disks along with the orangina joy above. She comes up with some of the greatest colors that I just love to mix and match with other stones and glass that I have in my stash. Here are a couple of wonderful Lisa New beads that motivate towards fun color combinations that mixed wonderfully with my HMB disks...I threw in some vintage and recycled glass to mix things up and they make me smile!!

My next step is to dig into more birthday present beads from Alicia...pretty clay from Taos that even smell wonderful!! Tomorrow's project....

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  1. While strolling the streets of Bedford during our annual fall festival weekend, I was pleased to run into this *GEM* whom I have known ever since she first came bouncing into my ninth grade English class with that same smile she exhibits today.

    What joy there is for me to see the successful unfoldment in the lives of former students and to know that in some small way I made a contribution.

    Jen, I left Pennswoods and am now with Embarq, but my site is still up!


    Wish you continued success


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