Thursday, October 15, 2015

Laughs in Riechenbach-Steegen

I made it to Germany!  A couple of days ago, I didn't think I'd be saying that! Monday was a stressful day as I tried my hand at the Air Force's "Space-A" travel process.  Basically, as a retiree, I sign up on a list (up to 60 days in advance) and then show up at the port (i.e. the Air Mobility Command terminal at BWI) and then wait to see if I make it high enough on "the list" to get an open seat on one of the "rotator" flights to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.  The highs and lows of watching the list with fingers crossed hoping that you'll get a seat gave me heartburn and had me wandering through Travelocity sites looking for other options.  As it turned out, after I'd called my friend, Melanie to come up and get me because the situation wasn't looking favorable, I made it to the counter after the 11:00 p.m. roll call, paid my $17.70, checked my bag, and got a seat.  Melanie had more faith than I did in the process and got there just in time to bid me farewell on my big adventure (instead of taking me, griping all the way, back to her house!).  We took off early in the morning and I made to Ramstein the next afternoon!  I'm so thankful for Air Force friends like Melanie who would drive all around DC just to make sure I'd get out of town.

And speaking of Air Force friends, I'm thankful for Beth and her family for hosting me here in Riechenbach-Steegen!  This is the view from their porch...

They've been having a typical whirlwind week with work, class, school, soccer, scounts, homework, flu may be another country but it's still a familiar lifestyle.  I got to tag along and get to know the kids and see the local sights.  Even got to catch up with other friends at the soccer match and dinner!

Yesterday I took a walk around town in the afternoon.  Found uniqueness in the narrow streets and interesting patterns...

And, of course, I had to get a shot of this lovely graphic advising against doggie poo.

I ventured out to Globus, which is sort of like a German Wal-Mart with all sorts of wares available.  I loved the cheese counter.  Cheese is awesome.  Since this area has a large American armed forces population, it's easier to get away with speaking English and actually getting the message across.  I was able to order a "bratwurst mit brochen" and a Fanta without any pain and enjoyed lunch there in the little food court.  My art supply hoarding friends will appreciate that I found fountain pens there that have been on my Amazon wishlist for a while!

Beth and I finished up the day enjoying a nice German red and lots of stories.  We've known each other since our young lieutenant days and although months or years may pass between visits, the laughter never changes.  


  1. Jen. Wonderful pics and commentary. Being in the military has it advantages-friends everywhere.

  2. Military means friends EVERYWHERE! I know you are having a blast!

  3. Aye Jen, so proud of you! Isn't civilian life awesome! I plan to try and get my kids there too sometime in the future. My first two were born at LRMC. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Jenn...there is so much inspiration for artists! You should show your photos and tell us about your trip and how it inspired you as an artist at one of the North Charleston Artist Guild meetings.


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