Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Paris Sights de Seg!

On Sunday morning, we beat the crowds with an early start via metro over to Fat Tire Tours.  Our guides, Alan & Louis issued us helmets and got us started on our Segways.  It was hilarious.  Only a couple of folks from the group had even done it before, so we wove and wiggled all around the lot while practicing.  I was a little tentative, but only took a few minutes to get my balance sorted out and then didn't want to stop!  We all jetted out in a line and headed out in the 7th arrondissement towards Paris' most iconic sights.

We were all chilly again, but it was hard to complain when you looked up and saw the Eiffel Tower.  (We still complained, but then we ooohed and aaaahed to warm ourselves!)  

The tour took us past l'Ecole Militaire with a long view of la Tour Eiffel and then towards l'Eglise du Dome with it's shimmering gilded dome above the tomb of Napolean.  Even on an overcast day, the gold is stunning. Our tour guides touched on just a few historical notes and kept us laughing the entire trip.  Although it's historical fiction and not an actual account, I'd recommend the book "Paris" by Edward Rutherford.  I read it about a year ago, and it helped me put some of the history bits and the locations together in my brain.  Plus, it's just a good read as a story. 

Still on our two-wheel wonders, we buzzed up to the top of the Pont Alexandre III and stopped to admire the fabulous view across the Seine and over to the Eiffel Tower or towards the Grand Palais.  Had to take off the gloves for a while to capture a few shots to keep for later.  It was exhilarating not just because of the cool air blowing into my face, but also because the colors, structures, design, and extravagance is all so inspiring.  Makes me so happy!

Jane & Angus worked with the Fat Tire folks for a very special surprise for us at our last stop and it was fabulous.  As we approached the grounds near the Eiffel Tower, there was a little cafe table piled with Starbucks bags and a huge box of hot coffee.  I, for one, was near tears at the sight of a warm beverage as I was simultaneously struck with the sheer magnificence of the tower.  A perfect moment!

After getting sufficiently warmed up, I got my book and pen out to capture that moment...

I wish I had more experience with quick travel sketching, but I guess this is how I get that experience, right?  haaaaaaa

After parking the Segways and finishing up the tour, we wandered back to our Rue de Lyon home and found a market near the Bastille, just up the street.  Picked up a cheesy delicious crepe snack and a few foodie picks of the fresh bread, fruits and charcuterie...lovely.

Back in the classroom, I continued working on my non-forward-facing girls under Jane's tutelage.  She gave us a watercolor lesson using some lovely colors that she gave to us in our kits.  Here's a start...

And a work in progress with some color.  She's a bit of a diva with those eyes, but I love the choppy color (even though I know it's not exactly proper!  haaaaa)  The little guy on the right side of the page is a sketch my brother added to the book before I left so I like this piece as a family collaboration!

I'm blessed to have Tamara Laporte across the table, so I've been chatting back and forth with her as we both learn things from Jane during her wonderful lessons.  I'll share more on Tam later!


  1. You are ALIVE for a time such as this! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. You'll have enough inspiration from this trip to last a lifetime!


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