Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Art at Sea

Day three was an "at sea" day, so we spent time wandering around the ship.  I woke up with a massive headache (because the late dinner the previous night was yummy...and the wine must have made it even better!)  In spite of the throbbing in my brain, I enjoyed a delicious hot stone massage at the spa.  The vibrating sensation from the boat is a little bit strange, so it takes some acclimatization.  Laying there in on the table trying to get my senses all relaxed felt different because it was like laying in a little baby's vibrating sleeper seat.  The table I'm sitting at right now in the solarium writing this is vibrating like that.  It's not necessarily unpleasant, but I'd prefer not to be quite so bouncy.

Anyway, the massage was nice...complete with Enya's Sail Away playing in the background.  Made me laugh.  I moved onto a pedicure and was tucked in a little corner of the salon with a lovely view of the Greek islands we were passing by.  Pulled out my book and pencils for a little work while enjoying a little toe pampering.  My feet were delighted to be out of boots!  I got some Cobb Hill boots especially for this trip and they have been fantastic.  Would highly recommend them.
I took a screenshot from my phone to show exactly where we were while I was sitting there.  So neat to be out in the middle of all that blue.

Inspired by that blue all around us, I did a quick little mermaid while having coffee.  I slept for a few hours and then got a beer...headache finally went away.  I used my new Epic Pen that Jane recommends.  One of my new art buds from Paris, Kristina, who is also a champion art supply hoarder/collector, had an extra pen and let me have it.  Thank you!!  A funny story on these pens...Jane is a professional artist and her endorsement of supplies means they are generally going to be amazing.  So, she adores these carbon ink fountain pens--Epic Pens--and talks about them frequently in lessons and social media.  We had a great laugh when she told us about a hashtag gone awry on a tweet she put out a while ago:  "Can't wait for the weekend! #epicpenisawesome"  See it?   haaaaaaaaa

B and I got a little dressed up for dinner.  Okay, she got dressed up wonderfully and I put on something less wrinked than usual.  haaaaa  We tried out the Asian restaurant, Ikumi, and had a wonderful dinner.  Our server, Johnlee, took great care of us.  

This sushi roll was the biggest one I've seen in person and I got through most of it.  
As I enjoyed every delectable sodium-drenched bite, I could only image the eye bags that lovely salt would cause in the morning!  I wasn't disappointed.  I'll spare you the pic of that prettiness!

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