Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rondelle Challenge - Sue & Donna Rock!

 A few weeks back, Sue from Suebeads threw out a Rondelle Challenge and gave five lucky readers a set of her enameled rondelles.  It's a new shape for her, so she's giving us a chance to work with them and show off the possibilities!

I decided to take these rondelles from Sue and combine them with some of her other lampworked glass as well as more glass from Donna Millard.  I ended up with three pieces to share...the first is this memory wire bracelet that features lots of bright colors and shapes:
 I love the pinks and oranges together. 
 I made up some twisted blue wire beads to pull in the blues.  I love how the shape of the wire wrapping mimics the shape of the blue lampworked bead from Sue.
The second piece is a sweet pendant hanging from a simple fuchsia choker wire.  I created a little stack of handmade goodness including one of the rondelles.
I had a set of two big blue pearls from a Hawaii trip in recent years and was able to use them here and in the bracelet.  

The final piece ended up strung!  I was working with wire and created a lot of links.  Then, after walking away for a while, I ended up cutting them all apart and starting over.
I strung this asymmetric section and then attached it to some nice long leather with a fancy clasp at the bag.  
 The piece ends up hanging really long and I love it.
The rest of the rondelle bunch can be seen at their blogs linked here:

Holly Westfall - SilverRose Designs

Erin Prais-Hintz - Treasures Found...Inspiration Everywhere

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and, you're already here with Jen Judd Rocks!  :)

Thanks again to Sue for the great idea and the great beads!!


  1. All three are beautiful pieces! The colors are just amazing, and so perfect for summer!!! What a great challenge!

  2. Love it Jen! I really love the pop of color from the Donna Millard lampwork too! Great, happy bracelet Jen! Totally fun and totally summery! {Hugs!}

  3. LOL! I do like the second version of the necklace better! But the first one was great too! I love Donna's beads as well, thanks for pairing me with such amazing company. I always love your memory wire bracelets, I love the colors you put together! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge!

  4. I love these bright colors together. Sue's beads with the blue wire and the fuchsia are popping! How fun that you made three pieces! A great challenge!

  5. This is what I call a WOW post!! BEauttiful pieces and I especially love that bracelet!!

  6. Jen! Oh goodness, what've you created?? These are just lovely - and that bracelet is simply perfect! Love 'em all!

  7. There is always a party going on at Jen's place! I love this set with its bright cheerfulness and its funky asymmetry. You do indeed know how to rock beads, Miss Jen! Enjoy the day.

  8. Every piece is fantastic!! The colors are gorgeous!!They scream summer and happiness! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh my! Am literally drooling over that bracelet!

  10. Oh, I absolutely love what you did with your designs and your choice of the bright colors! I'm jealous, jealous, jealous! And you make memory wire look like the best thing ever! Wow!

    Those lampwork beads of Sue's are really fabulous and you made a great decision matching those up. Together with the enamel, and the other beads you selected--and your wirework--it all really comes together!

  11. Fab fab fabulous! I so love how you put colors together!

  12. I can't help but swooning over your color palette in these pieces. It's so bright and unexpected!! Your pieces turned out beautifully and pair so well with Sue's beads!

  13. Your use of color is incredible in all of these pieces! I love the way they all work together! My favorite is the choker, LOVe it!

  14. Oh wow! All of those pieces are simply amazing. I don't usually wear pink or orange but in this case I would so make an exception

  15. Wow, you did my beads proud Jen! But that is the norm coming from you. Yes, it's a party at your house in the bead room for sure. Great job, I love love the bracelet and necklace.


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