Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project 52 Pic - At the Bellagio

A few months ago my ma called and asked if she could visit over Mother's Day weekend.  Well, here in Hampton, there's lots of exciting things to do like knit or craft or play with cats, but I decided to propose something a little different.  You is too short and so it's time to do fun stuff.  So, we went to Vegas!!

We called The Bellagio home for a couple of days and treated ourselves to luscious massages and a stunning Cirque du Soleiel show and fantastic late night meals and phenomenal cocktails.  It was 

I have a ton of pictures, but I decided to just feature this one for today as part of my "Project 52" set...I've actually made it to Week 19!
Shimmery morning at the Bellagio
I captured this shot using my iPhone's Hipstamatic app with some kind of cool black and white filter/film combination.  I don't know exactly which one.  :)  We had just finished our Sunday morning breakfast and were, sadly, getting ready to head to the airport.  We decided to hang out in the lobby and  watch people for a little while before venturing back into travel mode.  I ended up watching chandeliers more.  :)
It's hard to tell that we're related, right?  haaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. My daughter loved the Bellagio when they got married by Elvis 2 years ago. You are the spitten image of your beautiful Mum.

  2. YEAH for living life to it's fullest! What a special treat for Mother's Day Jen! How awesome... great pictures both of them! Cheers to many more memorable Mother's Days!

  3. Glad you had a good time. You do know that you would have had a good time with your mom in Hampton too. It is people who make the difference.

  4. You both look wonderful, what a beautiful picture together and great memories made! You are so much alike, even the collar and v neck on your shirts match! Moms are the Best!


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