Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Color Crayon Challenge: My Purple Went Exotic

Here she little tribute to the purple crayon:
I think it looks like some sort of tile or carpet from an exotic land.  I created a kaleidoscope image in Photoshop Elements using an original painting and a Kim Klassen texture.Here's a little background on the hop...~Sally Russick decided to host a little monochromatic challenge on her Studio Sublime blog.

~ She invited 65 of us to pick one of eight basic crayon colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown or black.

~ Then, we had to create a monochromatic design with the color we picked...focusing on a few or a lot of that color's hues.

~ The cool part is that it's not just about jewelry...she opened it up to any medium!  That's what got me started thinking about painting and mixed media

I pulled out everything I have in my arts and crafts supplies that could be anything close to purple.  I posted about that earlier this week.  I spent lot of time with ink and acrylics coming up with some cool designs.  My favorite ended up being this one:

After studying it and thinking about using it as the background of a collage, I decided to go down a different path and try something I've been wanting to do for a while:  make a kaleidoscope image.  I used this tutorial from the Scrapper's Guide that I found a few months ago.  I was scared to try it, but it ended up being pretty easy and I'm tickled with the end result.

There are 64 other blogs to check out today...see how many took the deep dive into just one color!

hosted by:

Sally Russick


Jennifer Judd Velasquez
Lori Anderson


Bobbie Rafferty


Linda Landig
Renetha Stanziano
Tanya Goodwin
Amy Severino


Heather Powers


Rebecca Anderson
Hope Smitherman
Alicia Marinache
Charissa Sloper
Sandi Volpe


Jenny Davies Reazor
Elizabeth Auld


Diana Ptaszynski
Janice Everett



  1. I came by your blog FIRST! I've been waiting for my favorite color from my great friend!!! I see I have other purples to view but none so lovely and sublime, I'm sure! But I'll reserve that judgement till I've seen the others!!! LOL!!! Great job, sister!!!

  2. Well, purple is one of my favorite colors ever! Your artwork is so wonderful!!!! The kaleidoscope image totally ROCKS! Brilliant. :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Jenn! It looks like an amazing mandala to me. The finished piece looks nothing like what you started with, incredible!

  4. Absolutely wonderful - amazing - beautiful! And so Jen :-) It's ready to be framed and hung in my house :-) You are awesome, love you girlfriend!

  5. Hello fellow purple girl!!! I love your painting and the kaleidoscope finished product! This is a piece I would frame and hang in my studio! I just talks to me! LOVE IT!!! And I love that you followed your heart doing something completely out of the box! Awesomeness!!

  6. Jen, this is just a lovely image! Your original is very cool, and what you've done to kaleidoscope it is awesome...

  7. What a fantastic piece of art--and a nice break from jewelry. My daughter goes bananas over purple and I know she would love this. What a great techinque!

  8. Beautiful! Wish I knew how to fully use my PS and all those sweet textures! I love your work here, it's so refreshing!

  9. Beautiful art work, beautifully executed. I agree, it does look like a mandala. Just gorgeous.

  10. Hi Jen,
    I love the kaleidoscope image you created it is beautiful.

  11. I love it! I get Kim's emails but haven't dug into Brandi Hussey's tutorial about how to better use PhotoShop.

  12. What a fun way to think and play outside the box! I will definitely have to check out the kaleidoscope directions.

  13. Jen, I love both the collage and the painting! Your artwork is so wonderful!! The blends of purple and the depth of the hues, really awesome Jen!!!

    Thanks for playing along, I hope i get to see you soon!!!

  14. Those are awesome. I just love the kaleidoscope one. I could stare at it all day.

  15. fantastic - a painter amongst all us beaders!!! Love the color range and hues!

  16. What beautiful colours, your purples definitely went 'exotic' - it reminds me of those Moroccan textiles and ceramics. Lovely!

  17. Wow! I love the colour! But then again, I'm biased as purple is my favourite! Very nice to see a non-jewellery piece of art.

  18. This is awesome. I envy anyone that can use photoshop and you certainly have talent.

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job!

  20. So. Flipping. COOL! What a great creation!!

  21. Whoa! This is SUPER COOL! I really like that you took a different direction, experimented and really came up with something fabulous! I'm off to check out that tutorial now. Thanks!

  22. Whatever it is you did - I am in awe. Love it!!

  23. Ah! That's awesome. I'm so glad someone decided to go the non-jewelry route! And now, you have a lovely piece of art for your studio :)

  24. It's gorgeous1 It looks like fabric! You should have it made into some kind of fabric or something!

  25. Jen- that is so fabulous! I love that you also did other than jewelry. I was afraid I would be the only one. Isn't it therapeutic to push paint around? And you got technical... I have no photoshop
    Skills and tip my hat to you. I think this would look fabulous reduced in size under resin! A new line for you?

  26. Jen, you find some of the coolest stuff to do! I love what you did here, reminds me of my quilting and papermaking days, i'll have to go investigate this process! Thanks for sharing it with us, great interpretation!


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