Sunday, December 18, 2011

Typographic Homesteads

My Aunt April saw some of my photoediting work out on Facebook and asked for a couple of pieces for her friends using pictures of their family homes and their names.  I tried using my iPhone app, WordFoto, which I love, but it doesn't allow for a prioritization of names.  Meaning, I couldn't make the mom and dad bigger than the others.  I wandered around the Internet looking for a tutorial and found several for typographic portraits, but all are done with full-up Photoshop, and not Elements, so I couldn't get past the second step.  So, I improvised and got creative with plain old brushes and color sampling.
The gift exchange was this weekend and Aunt April reported that the recipients loved them! 
It's a little late for Christmas, now, but if you're interested in something like this, email me through my blogger profile and we can chat and see about working up a project! 


  1. wow those are so cool! I'd have never thought of that. What a great idea!


  2. This is truly the coolest idea I've seen in ages. I love it and am sure the recipients will, too. Love the whole idea of it and your execution.

  3. How cool is that? I would never think to do that, but of course, I really have no idea how to work my Elements program so brushes and such are foreign to me. I love fonts though and this is just brilliant!
    Enjoy the day, Miss Jenn!
    P.S. Were you ever able to access that Design Seeds app? Let me know!

  4. Oohh, I want, I want! What a great idea!!!

  5. WOW, Jen, those are amazing! Lucky lucky people!


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