Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bigger the Better

While home with my family at Thanksgiving, I got to spend a few days just hanging out and relaxing.  My sister gave me an awesome project to work!  Her house is a stunning "cabin" in the country and has a massive fireplace.  She had a pretty wreath up over the mantel, but it just wasn't to scale, so we chatted and decided to go bigger.  She could see the gleam in my eyes as I thought about the massive amounts of glitter that would be on sale.  I was please to be able to be a "consulting crafter" since she wasn't sure where to start looking for a big, pre-lit wreath.  I sent her off for the greens and and I went for the gold and silver.  Then, off I went working on this 5-footer!

I worked in her garage with a little Christmas music playing and my mom helping out by sweeping up glitter behind me.  The only music source I had was my iPhone, so I flipped on my playlist and the first song was something from my workout playlist by Judas Priest.  Right away, I realized that wouldn't work...haaaaaaaaaa  So, I downloaded Pandora and got to some streaming Christmas goodness.  Much better.  I went CRAZY with the glittery stuff and ribbon.  It was so much fun because it's something that I normally wouldn't least not on that large of a scale.  I couldn't pick just one ribbon, so I used six of them.  haaaaaaaaa

 And, when all was said and done, my sis sent a shot of the final result all hung up and lit...just perfect!!!!  I highly recommend a little glitter and wire if you need any additional reason to get in the holiday spirit!


  1. That's a stunner! Seems like a really fun project to work on with your family.

  2. What a great opportunity to bling it on! And, it looks like it came from a high end store. Nice to know that much beautiful can be created in a garage!

  3. GORGEOUS! My mom does this kind of thing and Im amazed each time at how well they come out looking. Love it!

  4. Dang! That is gorgeous! What a sweet sister you are. I love doing things like this as well. The one over my mantle is a tad bit small. Maybe I will be inspired to rectify that this weekend. And I love the lit-ness of it all. My mantle has an outlet right in the top center. Would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Enjoy the day.

    P.S. Did the app work for you? Let me know... if it doesn't I am sending you something else....

  5. Wow! That's gorgeous Jen! Fantastic job! How lucky your sister is!

  6. Gorgeous! I made one like it but instead of gold, i choose purple and green..they do rock!


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