Friday, September 2, 2011

Tacoma Wall Art...of Sorts

On my recent trip to the Northwest, I spent time wandering around Tacoma and found Broadway.  I had some sushi for lunch and then wandered around in tons of cool antique and art shops.  There was an amazing display of graffiti in a parking garage so I stopped and took a ton of pictures.  I'm sharing here (and up in my new header) to see if we can get inspired!
I'm gonna get back to hanging out here with my parents after a killer drive from Hampton Roads to Central Pennsylvania.  Enjoy this long weekend; I know I will!!


  1. Love the graffiti! Great colors and very inspiring.

  2. Don't you just love their skill? To just stand there and start drawing, creating, spontaneously exploding across the palette. Seriously cool.

  3. I have no idea how they get such a finished product out of a paint can. It is eye-catching.

  4. That gives me all sorts of jewelry and lampwork ideas!

  5. Great colors. So lively.
    Hav a great weekend as well.

    Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons

  6. I love these pictures and the graffiti. Wish I could have seen the full thing!

  7. So Cool and inspiring. Love the lines and the colors. What great photos and inspiration! Thanks for sharing this. I used to live in Woodinville WA. Miss the dampness a bit.


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