Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fire and Beer

I got my new Barbara Lewis book--Torch-fired Enamel Jewelry: A Workshop in Painting with Fire--today and went to happy hour to celebrate the fun, amazing art in this wonderful tome.  With three dollar beers we had a great little party!
Photo Effect Studio
I've been to two of Barbara's workshop and I really believe she represents all the basics wonderfully through the photography and narrative in the book.  Keep a lookout for more enamel adventures because the blog world is gonna be celebrating in late September and October with a "blog book tour" featuring projects from the book as well as cool interpretations of the technique.  I'm going to have a friend help me do some torching this time so I can focus on the fun stuff and less on the beads rolling off onto my apartment's carpet!  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Oh, and one note, in case you're interested...I took this pic with my iPhone and then used the ColorSplash app to create the black & white/color effect then used Photo Effect Studio to bring the color of the book up to the hot, sweet red that it needed to be!  I love both of these apps and for an evening like this where I'm chilling out with a beer and a book at the bar by myself, I could spend hours taking pics and playing.


  1. That's a fab effect...and I heard, a great book. Waiting on mine to arrive.

  2. I've got my copy too and it is a fantabulous book. So wonderfully illustrated.

  3. That is a great effect! I just spent hours with the Hipstamatic app on my daughter's iPod. I have mine too and I am devouring it. I can't wait to participate, but I am still a bit scared of the flame and it would make so much more sense to me if I could be with Barbara in person. Enjoy the day!


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