Monday, September 26, 2011


It's way too early on Monday morning and I'm actually enjoying coffee at the house where my husband lives (and I normally don't because we happen to live in different towns even though we love each other) while I check out some BSBP blog posts.  I have been so busy doing some hands-on creating that I haven't opened up my computer all weekend!  I was Blissfully engaged in learning new things and meeting new people at Artbliss on Friday and Saturday.  Thanks to Cindy and Jeannette!  I have lots of new skills to try and want to share all those results, but in the meantime, I'm going to go with a photo post...yes, it's the "easy" way out for an early morning post, but it's gonna have to do.

These are Hipstamatic shots from my trip to Gig Harbor, Washington, back in August.  I went out for a walk one morning and didn't feel like carrying my big camera so I just took my phone.  I ended up spending more time stopping for shots than actually getting sweaty, but it worked out since I got to see lots of pretty things.  I used the "shake" feature in Hipstamatic that will randomly change up the filters and lenses when you shake the phone.  You never know what you're gonna get!

I love these retro tones with the texture of these purple blossoms...
 The black and white of this shot brings out the contrast between the roundness of the buds and the lines of the branches.
 The brightness of the flowers draws me in, but then the focus drifts down to that juicy, shiny berry.
 Since I was actually walking along the waterfront, a little "nautical" shot that brings out the patina just wonderfully!
If you've been venturing out with some Hipstapics, I'd love to see more so feel free to comment and share a link!  Maybe we could start a new photo-blogging trend!


  1. fab shots sweetie!

    so is hipstamatic only for iphones? would love to give it a you have a link?


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. I love your photos - amazing! It was soooo great to meet up with you this weekend and have a class with you!

  3. Oh, I just love your cool photos. I don't have a smart phone, so can't glad you had fun. I want to hear more about it!!!

  4. Jen, it was SO great to finally see you again - it's been way too long! And we kinda live close. At least when you come up to NoVA. Thanks for coming up to ArtBLISS - you really added so much to the event with your big smile, sense of humor, and those great paper boxes! I need a photo tut since I never finished mine! :-)


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