Saturday, July 9, 2011

Words in Pics

My sweetie totally hooked me up with a birthday treat...I loooooove my new iPhone.  I have to figure out an easier way to blog directly from the phone, but in the meantime, I got it linked up to Flickr so I can do something with all the pics.  I downloaded Hipstamatic immediately--Heather over at Humblebeads uses it all the time and I love the effects and filters.  But, there's this other app that I can't stop fooling's called Wordfoto.  You can create a typographic effect on a photo with whatever words you want!  I know "Jen" isn't all that original, but I was playing.  This is a photo of a flower that I worked on a "custom style" using all the different color filters and text options.  I could honestly spend days on just this one picture and love every minute of it.  Picking fonts is my favorite part.  :)

Here's another version of a flower in one of the "ready-made" options (which I might have tweaked a little bit, I don't remember).  I fell asleep last night thinking about options for a new blog header.  I am a nerd.

It's my last "official" day of vacation.  Time to head back to the real world in Hampton and leave my honey behind here in the city.  It has been a wonderful week but we both lamented last night how much we want to get back to our regular schedules and work and working out and crafting and such.  I can't believe that it's almost the middle of the month!  I'm driving up to Annapolis next weekend to hang out with Barbara Lewis and get some more torch action on.  Is anyone going to be there?  We need to link up!


  1. Ok, let me try this again..stupid blogger.
    I'm sure you've gots tons of ideas...but how about a pic of beads, and the word beads, or happy? Cause that's how beads make me feel! Have a great time at Barbara's class, can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Umm, after reading that comment, I thought someone might think I was referring to you! I had tried to post the comment, and blogger wouldn't let me. (blushing) Just didn't want you thinking I was being ugly. :)

  3. Yeah Jenn, I will be there along with some friends, can't wait to meet you in person this time, not like Art and Soul HaHa! Don't you just love new tech toys and programs? problem is you get sucked into this vortex and lose all sense of time and place! See you sat!


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