Sunday, July 10, 2011

Macro Sunday: Orange Flowers at the Smithsonian

Mom and I spent Thursday afternoon walking around a few Smithsonian museums, including the garden near the castle.  These orangeish-pink flowers caught my eye.
I guess I take a lot of pictures of orangish-pink flowers.   
I just made some paper beads that pull in these colors and I didn't even mean to do that!  I'm going to make something with them this least that's the plan.
And, finally, here's a really cool orange flower that's apparently a special exhibit there in the's from India and I just googled for about five minutes and can't find the name of it.
Click here to see more great macro photos:
studio waterstone


  1. Oh, that orange is magnificent! Great pictures!

  2. Jen these pictures are really beautiful! They make me yearn for the fall with coolish nights and a warm meal, even tho its Summer!

  3. Wow! I love orange too, so those pics are right up my alley. Great job!

  4. All gorgeous, I love the last one with it's perfect little stars!

  5. I would love to visit one of these places. The orange in my garden come from what we call "ditch lilies"--orange day lilies! Nice shots!

  6. Very nice - you've even coordinated your macros with your blog background. :-)

  7. Beautiful photos. The contrast of the focused and non-focused flowers looks wonderful. I came across your blog via A Jewelry Accord. Your designs are gorgeous. ~Val


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