Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BTW in the Kitchen

It's Bead Table Wednesday!  I have a little time this morning to share my exciting kitchen mess...which is where the bead table action has moved as of late.  I'm working on some more pendants with squiggles but this time I'm trying a little color.

It looks like a disaster zone at the moment, but I'm thrilled that I ended up with some good ones.  I have to include this next picture because I live in a small apartment so when I say that the kitchen counter is involved that means the whole apartment is involved.  Thank goodness there are plenty of Cheez-its available to deal with the stress of the mess.

When I drive back and forth to DC to see Curt I stop at Hobby Lobby at the halfway point to break up the drive.  I get really sleepy when driving any distances, even in the broad daylight after a good night's rest.  So, I use crafty shopping as my little helper to get me through the drive.  A couple of weeks ago I struck it rich because these bezels, which I love, were 50% off.  My cart overflowethed. 

Luckily the resin didn't overfloweth too much.  I was so antsy to pour these that I went ahead without the waxed paper that should be underneath to keep them from sticking to the surface of whatever they're on and turning into a mess.  Only one of these had some drips and I caught them in time so nothing ended up with a black back.  

What's on your bead table...or your kitchen counter?


  1. Love your pendants with the squiggles. I have got to try the resin mom and I bought last year but just so much other stuff to do. Love the counter space, way to utilize the space you have :)

  2. These are great, Jen. I get sleepy too. My whole family teases me about. We're barely out of the neighborhood before my eyes get glazed over. It's terrible. I took my PMC certification in Waynesboro, VA ... about 5 hours away ... my biggest worry was how I was going to stay awake for the drive! I tease my family that if I were to drive from MD to FL by myself, it would take me two weeks!

  3. Great little pendants Jen, and good use of space!
    Drive carefully, turn up the music!

  4. Good thing you have cheezits! We love them here too, I think they are their own food group! Nice charms, lucky you got them half off!

  5. Resin heaven!!
    I still need to get some more work done so I can snap my BTW pics to post as well. . .I don't think I'll get to anything as wonderful and fun as you've got going on. However, I know I've got a box of cheez-its I could include in the photo too ;)

  6. I adore your pendants Jen! I'm going to be experimenting with resin this weekend and I'm looking forward to playing with embedding things. I tend to be a space-hog too around my flat surface is safe!

  7. Groovy Jen! I'd have to say our creative spaces look very similar... except I don't have any Cheezits... or cheerios. :(

    Love the pendants! The artistic wire in there is awesome!

  8. I love these! Do you sell them online?


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