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Bead Babes Get Blissed Out

If you've been watching the news you've seen the budget issues and the possible US government shutdown.  Well, I work for the US government and happen to deal with personnel issues so we've been very, very busy figuring out how to actually execute a furlough.  Because it hasn't been 'really' happening, there hasn't been good guidance coming down, so we had to sort of make it up as we went.  Oh well...I guess it's a good thing I don't mind getting creative and making things up as we go!

On that note, I was able to chill out this evening and reminisce with some 80's flashbacks for inspiration on my blissed out blog hop...The German bead babes Janna, Stefanie and Nicki are hosting their first challenge ever: Blissed out by your favorite song. 

12 bead artists have created a piece of jewelry based on their personal favorite song. There were no other rules but to blog about the piece, and share your excitement about the favorite song. Today is the big reveal day, so have fun looking at what we all made, and leave us a comment if you’d like. You will find the links of all bead babes below.

Janna, Stefanie und Nicki veranstalten ihre allererste Challenge:  „Blissed out by your favorite song”, was soviel heißt wie “glückselig - oder auch inspiriert - durch dein Lieblingslied”. 12 Kreative haben ein Schmuckstück kreiert, das auf ihrem Lieblingslied basiert. Abgesehen davon,  dass wir über unser Schmuckstück bloggen sollten und dabei auch  erzählen sollten, was wir an dem betreffenden Song mögen, gab es keine Regeln. Heute ist der große Tag, an dem wir alle unsere Stücke zeigen, also viel Spaß beim Entdecken – und über ein Kommentar von Euch würden alle Teilnehmer sich natürlich sehr freuen! Die Links zu allen Teilnehmern findet Ihr unten.

How to pick just one's so hard for me.  Right away I decided to go with an 80's vibe.  I will openly admit that I graduated from high school in 1989, so I lived my most formative years under the influence of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard with a little Kix thrown in. (If you don't know Kix, I'm not talking about the cereal here....).  I just went to a Bon Jovi concert last month with some of my girlfriends and sang along with all the classics until my voice was completely gone.  We laughed and laughed about the days when we cruised the block in our little home town with "Livin' on a Prayer" blasting over the diesel engine of Juli's parents' station wagon.

Oooooooh, we're halfway the-eere, OOOOhhhHHHH, livin' on a prayer.  Take my hand, we'll make it I swear...(visualize me on my way to work with my window down, uniform on, coffee cup in hand absolutely screaming about Bobby and Gina and their hard knock lives--this happense on a regular basis.)

I guess on that note, about my earrings...they're a tribute to when life was simple and we really were living on a prayer with a little heavy metal and a little rock and roll all mixed together in the kind of carefree teenage lifestyle that you can only appreciate when you're counting down the weeks to your 40th birthday.  They're about as "heavy metal" as I get nowadays with a sweet little mix of brass, silver and copper.  I was motivated to try a cool earwire by an article I just read (but can't remember what mag it was in at the moment) so I took a cool headpin and used it to string a silver textured disk, a vintage brass piece, and a hammered copper ring.  

Simple rock and roll that makes me happy....that's what it's all about!

Check out the work and inspiration from the rest of the babes from around the world!

1. Janna Harttgen - Palimpa-Lim
2. Stefanie Teufel - Stefanies Sammelsurium
3. Nicole Keller - Nickis Reef
4. Berit Borchardt - Berit Borchardt
5. Rebecca Anderson - Songbeads
6. Maryse Thillens - Glassbeadart Lampwork
7. Krista French - French Elegant Jewelry
8. Linda Djokic - Lutka and Co
9. Karola Stein - Karolas Fundstuecke
10. Doris Radlicki - Doralila Beads
11. Jen Judd - Jen Judd Rocks - yeah, you found me already
12. Saskia Kaffenberger - Perlendistel

Thanks, ladies, for the great project!  It was just the thing I needed after this crazy week!!  It's time for me to get ready for Bead Fest Wire in Philly...leaving tomorrow!


  1. Hey Jen, this is gorgeous - first I love those earrings - I never go with too bold and shiny, but I guess I am an 80s chick too. But the story is so heartfelt, I feel like I was there with you guys. Can we please go back to the 80s? I LOVE "Living on a prayer" (but nobody here seems to understand ;-). Thanks for playing.

  2. Thank you so much for playing along and sharing your beautiful earrings and the story with us. Actually I have a special relationsship with Bon Jovi because my cousin wrote his first book about them:-)

  3. Lovely Jen! You've done a great job and I love how you've captured the song (GREAT song!) in these simple earrings.

  4. Wondful! I love copper very mutch! Simple but absolut effecttive!!!!!!

  5. I love the mix of metals and Living On a Prayer was such a great song in it's day: still is.

  6. Hi Jen,
    I love your choice of song! I'm about a decade ahead of you - in the 80's I was busy becoming a "real" adult :-). Finishing up graduate school/ getting married/having my first child('89)... I now have plenty of time to listen to more music - my DH says music should always be/have been a part of my life. Right, tell him that, when I have spent the last 20+ years raising three kids. Anyway, your earrings are a really nice take on the music!

  7. Each time they play "Living on a Prayer" on the radio, I simply have to turn it loud!! Such a powerful song, and so are the earrings! I also LOVE the story you told us!
    Thank you so much for participating - it's such an honour.

  8. Very nice earrings! I'm glad you didn't have to deal with the shutdown (and your husband too!) and have a great time at BeadFest Wire!

  9. that song is really great !!! and so are those earrings !!!

  10. Great earrings and I can totally relate to your feelings about that song, I am an 80's chick too and I still love the songs from back then. My husband would never go to a bon jovi concert, but anyway it's more fun to go there as a bunch of girls ;-)

  11. Were these the earrings you were wearing this weekend? They look AWESOME!


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