Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Twelfth Floor Baltimore

Just sharing a pic this Wednesday evening.  
It has been a long day and this picture makes me happy.

I took this shot up in Baltimore when Curt & I were at the Hotel Monaco.  This shot is of part of the bench and carpet out by the elevators on our floor.  

It made me smile every time we walked by because it's just such a cool vignette.


  1. No doubt! Orange is definitely one of my "colors" for summer this year! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. If it's related to the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco, I LOVE that place. Totally fun, and they allow, *encourage* you to bring your dogs. And there was a tarot card reader in the salon during happy hour.

    BTW, that was an adorable pic of your guy in the robe. :-)

  3. It would be a fun color scheme to work with, and maybe try to incorporate at least the feel of some of the motifs.


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