Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Flowers on my Bead Table

I went in to look at my bead table and see what I could post about for Bead Table Wednesday, but it was too hard to see beads because there's a big cookie sheet filled with paper flowers on top of everything!  Last weekend I had a little burst of energy...not enough to get up off the couch, but enough that I wanted to make something.  So, I grabbed the big containers of paper flowers that I've accumulated along with some of the scrapbooking embellishments I've had for years.  After a couple of hours with DVR'd TV I ended up with a huge garden of pretty paper goodness!!  I don't know what exactly I'll do with them...I'm thinking more paper boxes.  Creating for a purpose is not my strong suite. haaaaaaaa

Oh, these flowers just reminded me of a funny from the other day.  I had lunch with my friend, Jeff.  He's an Air Force officer like me and we've known each other for years and worked on a lot of huge manpower reduction issues together at Big Air Force back then.  We could solve all the problems if people would just take our advice, I'm sure...haaaaaaaaa  Anyway, we ate at the cafeteria over at the NASA side of Langley Air Force Base--I call it the NASAteria--where we eat at least once a week.  While walking back to his office he feels the need to point out the flowers that have burst out around his office.  They were yellow and I couldn't remember what they were called (because my mind was addled by the sugar rush from the whip cream on the cafeteria-style banana cream pie) so he quickly responded "Daffodil" when I asked.  I burst out laughing at his 6'5" bald tough guy look with the details of springtime flora at the top of his mind.  It was just so incongruent...made me laugh all afternoon thinking about it.


  1. I can picture it now Jen! And if you happen to see a bouquet of flowers on his desk and he says "I picked them myself," you'll know he's special! ;) Isn't spring a welcome sign?

    Make it a terrific day!

  2. Lovely colour layering on those flowers, Jen.

  3. Bea-utiful! Love this so much
    This picture just makes me want to see green grass and a beautiful garden. :) Thanks for brightening up my morning!


  4. Wow! That is a lot of flowers! I love them. I see these decorating the outside of a mirror. Wouldn't it be fun to see yourself in a field of flowers every day?
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Spring has sprung! The flowers are so pretty! Maybe you should give one to Jeff.

  6. Haha! I bet you and he could rule the world if it wasn't for banana cream pie ;) My BTW is ALL about stuff I have going on inspired by the stash you sent me. What I am not wearing today is still front and center on my workspace!

  7. They are so beautiful!! Whatever you make with them, it's going to be wonderful. :D This colorful picture made me smile today; thank you!

  8. Those are SOOOOO cute! I clued one to a Scrabble tile for a necklace for my office mannequin and glued a huge crystal in the middle of it and she's still going strong after a couple of years!


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