Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Lap is on Fire...

....because this laptop is burnin' up some photo editing:

The Capitol

I think I might have to print and see what it looks like.  When I first look at the colors in the sky it feels like they're pulling on my eyes...then the cool green settles them down.  Who would've thought you could actually feel a picture like that?

There are some more Capitol pics that I played with out in my Flickr album...let me know what you think!


  1. for me ? looks good, i like some foto-experimentals. like a andy warhol ??? no, no . . like a jenjudd-picture ?? . . . ;))
    yesssss !!!
    hugs from swiss

  2. I looooove it! Very attractive. i get all inspired to make some yummy jewellery with this colour combo. In fact there is actually already something similar on my work desk right now with the colours of lime-teal-honey. Since a couple of days. No cool lilac or pink as in your picture though. In my piece I've been thinking I might add some ochre and ivory. Perhaps just a dash of lilac or pink will make it all vibrate ... we'll see.

    I will definately check out some more of your photo experiments on flickr.

  3. Whoah! That is amazingly beautiful!

  4. The photos are so cool! Thanks for sharing.


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