Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cider Spirited Bracelets

Last week during an Etsy shopping spree, I found some lovely big ceramic beads by Natalie Pappas of NKPBeads...she called them "apple crunching raku" which is just down the autumn-y leaf-strewn street in my mind.  Rolling them around in my hands, I perused my random stash and found some cool pieces with big enough holes to fit on some bigger wire...the faceted golden glass is new from Kansas City and the little brass starburst thingies are sooooo cool!  I've been waiting for the perfect reason to use them.

So, here are my two bits of bling that are channeling the spirit of apples and cider and all the cinnamon goodness wandering through my mind!

Aren't those big green raku beads amazing!

And, here's a few more of them combined with some brighter red wooden beads and some HMBStudios glass "green apple" of course!  haaaaaaaaaa

I'm all prepped now for my trip to Pennsylvania.  But, in the meantime,...these bracelets are both available in ye olde Etsy shop


  1. Such a great bracelet...perfect combination of colors and textures. I am in love with those Raku beads...handmade clay beads are one of my favorites. I am off to check out the website.

  2. Beautiful work! And those photos are breathtaking!

  3. what gorgeous bracelets, they have so many elements that all convey your message of apples, cinnamon and fall so well. Very nice!

  4. So pretty! I LOVE this colour scheme...I have recently made two bracelets in a very similar scheme! WHat great taste we have!!

  5. LOVE! What a great color combination!

  6. I just love this bracelet, what great colors!

  7. Very nice name for your piece, love apple cider in the fall and the photo of the maple is outstanding. Isn't amazing how nature goes out with such glory! Very nice color combos in the bracelet- I LIKE!!


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