Monday, October 4, 2010

Boys--A Great Reason for a Blog Break

Well, it's just one boy...and one boy cat.  :)

I've been off the blog for a while because my sweet husband, Curtis, has been home for a while on his R&R leave.  We've had lots of good time to catch up and lounge around together--since we've been married we've only really spent about two weeks in the same house, so it has been wonderful to have him here.  But, alas, he leaves again this week for another four months of his Afghan adventure. 

His kitty, Brando, was happy to have him home, too...can't you see the joy on his little one-eyed face!  haaaaaaaa

It hasn't all been just the two of us holed up here in the apartment...there has been some on-the-road adventures...and some beads.  We went out to Kansas City and had a wonderful visit with his family.  It was a quick trip, but we got to catch up with his Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, and some fun nephews.  Plus, I was able to get the girls to stop into a couple of bead shops around the city--I have some serious goodness to share later on. 

The amazing discovery of the trip wasn't the bead shops, though, it was frozen margarita popsicles called Shark Attack Margaritas!!!  They're like those freezie juice things that you buy in a plastic sheath as liquid and then freeze.  They're only available in Kansas and Missouri at the moment, but watch out...they are awesome! 

I'm trying to get myself some projects set up for when my sweetie's gone and I get all sad and lonely...
- Teaching at Bead Haven on the 16th & 17th, so if you're around here in Hampton, come on down and get your beadin' learn on. 
- I'm in a jewelry swap courtesy of the greatest group moderator, Lori Anderson...I'm paired with Ms. Erin Prais-Hintz,designer extraordinaire.  We get to send each other a piece of finished jewelry from our stash--one that's okay, but just not awesome--and then tear them up and remake them into something new.
- I'm off to my cousin, Jacey's, wedding in Pennsylvania next weekend--I'll share the pretties that I contributed to her event afterwards when I have the full complement of pics.
- Oh, and there's the Fall Foliage festival back in my hometown...think orange & yellow leaves all over the place, the sound of a cider press, and the smell of funnel cakes. 
- I guess I should think working out, not funnel cakes...oh well!!  haaaaaaaaaa


  1. That is one seriously large one eyed cat! He looks so content with your hubby. Mid tour leave goes way too fast. Glad you got some time in and with family too.

  2. I love fall too and I am so glad that you got to spend time with hubby. He and the kitty look very happy.
    I will be thinking of you guys, 4 months must seem like forever. I don't think I could do what you do.
    Thanks You and God Bless,

  3. I am so glad your honey is home for a sounds like y'all are having a great time! Enjoy!

  4. Great that you have been having some time with your husband!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your beady goodness.

  5. Jen, you sound so happy and in LOVE! I'm glad your hubby made it home safe and sound for a nice visit and that you have so many great thing going on in your life to keep you busy while he's away! Cute pic! :-)


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