Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Kitty Boy Let Me Pick Some Winners!

Brando is in his normal position, in his normal place this, when I suggested that he might want to help out with the random selection of our greenie giveaway, he gave me the uh-can't-you-see-I'm-deeply-relaxed-right-now look. 

So, I took it upon myself to use the random number generator and came up with some goodness.  The greenie bead selections are going to:

36 - Rebecca - sharing beady love on her Songbeads blog--
she's recently celebrated some publishing, too!  In the U.K. magazine
Beads and Beyond!

48 - Sylvia from WindyRiver - welcome back from vacation! 

and I'm so excited to have time to relax today and think beads and blogging that a little extra bit is going to go out to:

21- Cenya of Emerald Window who has some very fun photography going on!!!

I have been missing my bead blogging friends with the job transition, so I'm thrilled that we were able to get a little interaction this week.  THANK YOU for the overwhelming responses!

Hugs from the kitty boys and I in Virginia on his hot and sunny Sunday afternoon!!

(lover of exclamation points!  haaaaaaaaaaaaaa)


  1. LOVIN' Brando's look.....such a cutie! ;o)

    Am also LOVIN' the fabric on "his" chair! VERY nice!

    Congrats to all the winners :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. What an handsome boy you have! And love the chair too:)

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners:)


  3. Woohoo!!! I can't believe I'm a winner! So excited to get my hands on these gorgeous greenie beads! Do you have an email address I can send my real life address to? x x x

  4. You have to use exclamation points or how would anyone know how excited we are! It's a weird thing when we live our lives through posts! Congratulations to the winners! Love your chair, btw! How's that for exclamations points!

  5. I am thrilled to win - I have contacted you with my info. Thank you again for the great giveaway!

    Sylvia (windyriver)


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