Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm raising my cinnamon-sweet coffee in a toast to all my family and friends on this Thanksgiving morning! I hope you enjoy the love, friendship, and fellowship in your homes today while eating amazing quantities of yummy food. I'll be eating with lovely friends down here in Alabama while my sweetie husband serves a meal to the troops up in Indiana.

The best benefit of being geographically-separated is that I'm free from all cooking responsibilities. The last time I tried my hand at a turkey, a couple of years ago, I was pretty grossed out by having to touch the creepy skin. Then, with my mom on the phone advising on cooking methodology, I pulled the roasting pan out of the oven and tried to find the breast to put in the thermometer. My two girlfriends and I stared at the turkey for at least a minute, trying to figure out where the breast was. Finally we realized that it was upside-down! My lovely girlfriends and I laughed for an hour over that one but then enjoyed some seriously moist white meat!
Now that it's finally "officially" the holiday season, here's my take on some Christmas-colored pendants...
While you relax this afternoon, feel free to browse through my little etsy shop and see some of my new clay pieces.


  1. Have a wonderful day, Jenn. I don't enjoy prepping the turkey either, I have my husband do it!

  2. Yes, my hubby preps the turkey also! Have a wonderful day, and very cool poly clay pendants, BTW!


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