Friday, November 20, 2009

BBB (that's Buggy Beady Bracelets...)

I don't know where the week went! Oh, yes I do, I had a midterm exam to write and even though I procrastinated many hours, I was forbidden from beading until after it was done. :)

But, I was determined to get my "bug" on before the week was out for the challenge over at the Silver Parrot, so here are my bits and pieces!! Both of them feature my very own polymer clay focal pieces. I'm still playing around with finishing and using them, but I'm pretty happy with these results. Plus, I have been coupon-happy at Michael's over the last few weeks so I used some of my latest "bargain" chain and wire acquisitions...

The delicate patterns of the luna moth's wings come are represented in the mokume gane finish of this green piece. I used some nice heavy chain and a few random beads from my green stash (see below) to finish it off.

This one originally came out of the butterfly realm, but I'm thinking more like peacock now that it's finished. Either way, I think it's pretty!! Plus, I got to use a fun combo of colors

And, as a beader constantly fighting for organization, I sympathize with the challenges and share my own version of the "green" drawers in my own "towers" of supplies. It's easy to fall into a monochromatic trance when I open up just one drawer and see so many lovely versions of texture, color, tone, shape...whatever! So, thanks, KJ, for a little focus. And also thanks to my fellow beady bloggers for the great inspiration!!!


  1. Love the green hues in your Luna Moth bead, very yummy!

  2. The Luna Moth bracelet is awesome! Thanks for playing and I'll be blogifying your entry over at my place shortly!

  3. Really lovely ... I especially like Luna Moth! So fresh ... and the bead dangles add so much.

  4. I love the luna moth entry, the polymer clay focal is very beautiful and fits the challenge perfectly!

  5. I love the luna moth - great color and shine. I have a question on organization-if you keep your beads like that - how do you keep track of where or who they came from? I struggle with organization things like this!! Any help would be appreciated.

  6. That's a great question about bead "sourcing" and honestly I don't have a good answer! If they're particularly expensive or out of the normal average cost per bead that I'm used to spending, I leave the pricetag for the strand in the mix or even just put a little note in there with them so I'll remember. My artisan beads are all in separate drawers and I know my sources based on the style or I leave a business card in with them. I always laughed at people with inventory who said "I just know" but now I'm one of them! Oops!! haaaaa


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