Monday, November 16, 2009

Bugs & Beads...a natural combination!

I was wandering through beadblogland this afternoon, looking for something more inspiring than wholewheat english muffins, stinky cat food, and World War II in the Pacific (my snack, my cats' snack, and my afternoon reading assignment). I was lucky enough to come across a post by Lorelei about a contest featuring bugs! Since I get grossed out on nearly a daily basis by some sort of critter or another wandering around outside my door, I figure this must be the challenge for me. :)

Here's the deal: Over at Silver Parrot Designs, the challenge is to create a bracelet inspired by bugs. I think it's hilarious because KJ has been inspired by looking at so many bug pictures on-line with her bug-obsessed kid!

Thanks to Lorelei for this great collage of the (creepy) inspiration pics!

Since I usually go with my first instincts, I headed right back to my workshop because I have the greatest new polymer pieces in fun greens to work with. I'm a monochromatic schemer most of the time, so the luna moth (bottom left) calls out because I can see the simple patterns in my green pieces...

I made these oval pieces using multiple tones of green in a variation of mokume gane.

But, then again, I love these clay pieces that ended up with delicate washed designs that remind me of butterfly wings. Maybe a combo of the shiny beetles and the butterfly will work this time...

I made these ovals using all sort of peacock-butterfly colors jammed into a clay extruder. It was worth the trouble of squeezing it out to get these pretty results, don't you think?! All those great glass disks are my faves from HMB Studios.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with these! I the meantime, go get your "bug" on and check out the Silver Parrot Designs challenge post.


  1. Beautifuls beads to choose from...I'm hoping you will post what you design! Good Luck!

  2. Wow! What a burst of color. These will make a great bug piece.

  3. I'd say these are some perfect beads to use for your challenge! Can't wait to see what you create!

  4. Your Buggy Bead Bracelet, say that fast three times...has all the right elements and I can't wait to see your end result...Sorry about the mental plant of Buggy Bead Bracelet.Buggy Bead Bracelet.Buggy Bead'll be hearing in your head all day....xo Julie

  5. Love the green stash - I am crazy about monochromatics!


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