Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blue Adventure

I am completely addicted to rock crystal and have it laying all over my work table. When I sat down last night to work, there was a big chunk calling out for some action. I went to my "blue" drawer to see what I could come up with. Lo' and behold, the result was a mix of all sorts of neat beads tied together with some quartz and silver tube beads.

The blues are from all over the place which makes this necklace an adventure for me.
- There's a vintage glass Mardi Gras bead that I found at a shop in North Carolina.
- There's a big, rough sodalite nugget, which was from my very first big wholesale show. I was so overwhelmed that day; I'll never forget how excited I was to see the strand of these crazy blue and white stones.
- There are a couple of sandcast trade beads that are painted with different shades of blue.
- There's a handmade lampwork glass bead from Linden Avenue designs.
So, take a little bead adventure...

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  1. Love the varying shapes but the consistent color theme. I love the chunky and the mix with the silver, great combination.


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