Monday, February 9, 2009

Variations on a Squiggle squiggle! I spent some quality time over at Off the Beading Path down in Occoquan, Virginia (down the street) a few days ago and worked on my squiggles. Now that I feel sort of famous (in my own mind) based on some fun, curved metal, I'm ready to start branching out.Here's a variation on the theme featuring a little cube of quartz and a bit of tumbled glass. I love the way the squiggle hangs at a different angle--not straight horizontal or vertical (as though I could really even come up with something like that. haaaaaaaaaa)

I've moved all my beads and such up into my dining room because the basement's too cold, so now I'm in a maelstrom of art supplies when I walk in the door. It's kind of motivating because as soon as I get done with a crazy day at the office, exhausted from hours of Power Point drama at my desk and physical trauma on the treadmill, I see some sparkles on the table and I feel so much better!

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Jen, I like your elegant Squiggle.

    Let me tell you...she doesn't lie about beading daily!


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