Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Page Wonder!

Hello all! I want to share my excitement! I had my first project published!

Check out the Spring issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry--my Daring Squiggle necklace is the last project in the magazine. I'm so excited!

This is an easy project that features a couple of great art beads. There's a Happy Bead from Dare Van Vree and a lampworked glass disk from Linden Avenue Studios.

The "squiggle" is probably one of my favorite things because it doesn't take a long time to come up with something fun and pretty. Plus, you can hammer it and make lots of noise!

I'm going to work on a few more squiggle designs and you'll be able to see them for sale in my Etsy shop and in my upcoming Spring shows. :)


  1. I was thrilled with your article and then found your blogspot. I always say I don't have time to make jewelry - but then am so enticed!

    I am especially interested in the "recycled" disks, too.

    Thanks for your time in keeping a blog. I will continue to read and be inspired.

  2. Congrats Jenny! I was flipping through my copy and recongized your picture. I said "hey, she reads my blog!" Very cool!! I love your design.


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