Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year...New Moon...

It's time for another exhibit with the Del Ray Artisans and I've been working for weeks on these designs and I'm thrilled to start my new year with them!

The show is called "Nocture: From Dusk to Dawn" which centers on a theme expressing the shimmering effects of light between dusk and dawn. In those minutes after dusk, as I reveled in the moonlight wending its way through my dusty miniblinds, I had tons of bright ideas. I finally settled on clay. I wanted a moon made of clay--a blend of shimmery, opalescent, and silvery tones. Then, I'd mix it with my clouds of silver swirls and sways.

I ended up with about 30 different moons after a few hours of work and each one of them was gorgeous! I had trouble picking my favorites, but ended up embellishing some with texture, trimming some with silver leaf, and giving some of them a shiny glaze. A plain yet elegantly shaded moon paired up with the twists and turns of hammered silver to form the final piece called "Cloudy Night."

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