Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That Girl Has Stacks!!

I want to share some cool stuff from one of my new beading buds, Susi! We met during the Del Ray Artisan's bead exhibit and I fell in love with her work right away. She gives new life to old plastic. After lots of hard work digging through her apartment building's recycling areas to find any kind of plastic that would add to her palette, she cleans and goo-gones and scrubs and cuts each plastic piece out of its original shape and into small sheets. Then, she hammers away at them with dies to cut different sizes of discs. Her husband loves this part! haaaaaaaa I gave her an empty green deodorant container and it was like a little treasure for her!

She let me share her disc stash and make a few beads of my own. Little holes in the middle and a short stack on a wire makes for a very cool bead! I poked a few little holes in my hand, but not many...it was worth it for these. I love them!

What's also cool is that after I had worked with the plastic for a while, I reached into my glass bead stash--which is pretty significant because I love them--and started stacking. I used discs from HMB Studios and Linden Avenue Designs as well as some small beads from Lisa New to come up with these mixes. I love the color and texture and size of the finished pieces. I'm not sure how I'll use them, but for now I can at least admire them!

If you're interested in chatting with Susi, I can put you in touch--just drop me a line!

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