Sunday, June 29, 2008

A-muse-ing Maddie!

My good friends Mel & Maddie came to visit this week and brought lots of inspiration. Maddie worked hard on her creations at the table next to me and came up with some really fun summer goodies--some necklaces, bracelets and even a set of anklets for all of us. All that creative juice had us at the table for hours working on fun project after fun project...

Here's Maddie and I wearing some of our new creations...

We broke out all sorts of summer-y beads like coral and shell and beachy glass for all of our projects. I was really proud of how well Maddie worked with the different color families and textures and sizes of the beads--she's a jewelry artist at heart!! She is really proud of all her projects:

...even the ones we had to show off with our fuzzy toes!!!

Thanks to you guys for visiting and getting my creativity rolling this weekend!!

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