Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 5/52 - Getting Outside and Freezing

Icy rain.
Two days away from the office.
Working from home and drinking beer.
Breaking out the "good" camera.
Ma calls and says that Jim Cantore is in Charleston.
I answered emails.
I have two phones in hand trying to answer "warm shelter" questions.
My force support troops took care of business at the dining facilities. 
They kept lodging going.  No issues.
They are awesome
It was painful to walk outside in that cold.
The fireplace was really warm and toasty.
A pot roast was delightful.  Thanks to mommy for talking me through the recipe.
My flight chiefs were amazed at the crazy questions; it's a part of life.
Must keep smiling in the face of cold toes.
Keeping smiling at the end of the storm.
Leon's over. 
Life is good in Charleston.
Bring on spring.


  1. I would rather have snow than ice, but the ice makes for really beautiful photos like this one! I made a pot roast this week too...comfort food on a cold night.

  2. That's a beautiful picture. It feels like a fairy tale landscape.

  3. Great picture of the ice. YOU know it is bad when Jim Cantore is in your town.

  4. The ice certainly made a wonderful photo.It's not so fun to be in but it does make interesting photos.

  5. Super, super photo!! Just amazing. It's so very inspirational, too. I see clear quartz crystal nuggets wire wrapped to polymer leaves and long lengths of chain! LOL!! ;-)

  6. Gorgeous shot. Ice is so stunningly beautiful and yet so destructive.

  7. So beautiful but so damaging at the same time. Quite a contrast.

  8. Wow, stunning photo - it looks like a fairy wonderland!

  9. Hope you are back to normal now. It is amazing, though how what we up north call a little ice storm can really foul things up. Very pretty, though.

  10. Wow! nice photo I haven't experienced that phenomenon yet. stay warm.

  11. Stunning photo! Hope you can keep warm...
    We actually have some sunshine today :)

  12. Lovely ice picture! It's raining here today...

  13. Spectacular photo!!! Hope you are melting soon!

  14. This is a truly beautiful photograph. Get out the "good camera" more often! Though in reality I KNOW it's not the camera, but the eye behind it that counts. Yours was certainly working well here!


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