Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 3 - B&W Selfie - Skinny is an Option

- Starting the year skinnier and fitter
- Hope to stay that way.
- This morning calls for the Shrimp & Grits 5K!

My secrets?

- Get a new mattress so your back doesn't hurt.
- Run.  A lot.  But, start with little jogs and walks.
- When you get random leg numbness:  ignore it.
- Try a piercing...belly button.  Instant motivation to not have extra rolls.
- Pay big $ to a weight loss clinic team approach that includes eight pills a day.
- Face the threat of losing your job because your waist is too big.
- Dig out "skinny" clothes from years ago and enjoy the reunion.
- Reward yourself with art supplies and fancy panties.
- Learn to love being sweaty.
- Run some more.
- Direct all your subordinates to get rid of the candy in their offices because you have no self control when you're working after 1700.
- Spend $10's of dollars at a time on iTunes.
- Don't be afraid to dance in your driveway.
- Sign up for random races and actually do them.
- Believe massages are therapy and get them often.
- p.s. That's not my's my ID card jammed in my bra just in case I pass out and someone needs to know my name and that I'm an organ donor.  haaaaaaaaaaa


  1. OMG, Jen! When you retire, you have to go into stand-up comedy … or continue to write hilarious posts that are published in a newspaper or something! You're the new Erma Bombeck! What a way for me to start the day! Thank you!

  2. Great photo, and yes I thought that was a nipple. Your advice was as good as it was funny. Thanks for the laughs this morning.

  3. Lol....yes I agree with all Jen...especially husband and I have decided that it is that time to get a new mattress....but I love all the advice....keep up the good work!

  4. Jen your post was inspirational.I congratulate you on the weight loss and better fitness. They are something I am working on too. You did a much better job than I am. great photo.

  5. Great post... were you holding the camera above your head...?

  6. Thanks for the inspiration!! I need a boost to get off my booty and exercise. I love your b/w photo - just super!! We have a tempurpedic bed and I would pack it in my suitcase when I traveled if I could - it's that good!! (Secret - yes, I have stuffed my tempurpedic pillow in my suitcase and left clothes as home just because I had to have at least my pillow w/me!!) ;-)

  7. Great shot! Congrats on the new waist size! That's great! I love running too. Makes me feel - strong! Glad you mentioned the photo ID card. LOL! I was kind of wondering. ;)

  8. HAHA!! You forgot the one about burning lungs and the pain in the side that appears with vengeance!

    Great self portrait you look amazing, stay strong my friend!!

  9. You crack me up, great pick and write up, I need to run where you are living we hopefully will be down that way some time this year and I will definitely let you know:-)

  10. Well, now I want to run except I have 2 bad knees and can barely walk! Fabulous selfie and great post!

  11. Fab photo, hilarious post. This is another photo where your personality really is captured on the screen, just beautiful.

  12. Great encouraging post! Your picture is bursting with enthusiasm!

  13. You are awesome girl and you look amazing - great job! Can't wait t have a job where they don't measure my waist to determine if I am good at my job :-) Looooooooove you!

  14. Excellent! You are the poster girl for kicking ass and looking damn fine doing it. Love, love it!

  15. Funny, very funny and so inspiring. You look great, and definitely keep the ID card.


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