Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking Differently

Do you ever just think about thinking?  I'm in a class this week, learning about leadership for my new job and one of the big topics flowing through the curriculum is critical thinking.  I think I'm a pretty creative person, and with a couple of degrees in psychology, I probably have a little more than average "book knowledge" about perceptions, bias, learning, and all that sort of thing.  But, it is so refreshing to take all that and focus it on real life challenges and potential work drama.  I'm not a huge fan of the critical thinking books, so far, but they are at least driving me to partake in some intellectual gymnastics.
For instance, when viewing a problem (or a creepy antique animal), what is your first impression?  Can you move past that first impression and consider it from a different angle?  If you look at it in a different light, is it actually funny?  Does the environment around it influence your impression?  Can you squint or turn and think about it differently?  What about the feelings it invokes?  How do those contribute to your thoughts?  (I don't know what this thing is, but I love it.)
How about when looking at something mundane and routine, like a marigold...can it look like something else?  A circus tent?  A kaleidoscope?  Some windmills waiting to be charged with Quixote-like passion?  Ooooh...all that adventure encapsulated in a simple flower that used to grow in your front yard on Juliana street.  
Once you get past the simplicity and see the possibility, messages might be clearer.  You could be walking down a busy street in Savannah (or Susquehanna, as I keep calling it for some Pennsylvania-based reason) in a dream state of spring buds and dripping moss and suddenly see a "J" calling out to you.  Even better, it's saying, "hey, the door's open...are you ready for the adventure?"  

Yep.  I am!!


  1. I truly believe you are and am so excited for you having this wonderful new opportunity! I love that you found an open door with the letter J on it , how cool is that? On a side note, our home in Florida is on Lake Juliana and our granddaughter is Savannah!

  2. Go thu the looking glass, kiddo. . .you're READY!


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