Monday, April 29, 2013

So far Week 16: Taking a Walk

I have been going and going and going for the last several weeks.  Tonight is my first solo night in a while, so I'm getting my blog on!

Recently, I spent two weeks in Montgomery, Alabama, learning the ins and outs of my upcoming job.  It was fantastic to get some insight into the challenges that are going to come my way in command.  I'm realistic enough to know I'll get more wild curveballs than the class could send my way, but it was still a great opportunity to meet 20 other folks who are headed to the same type of challenge I am.  Plus, the crosstalk and ideas we shared are going to be invaluable as I go through the next few months and find my way in the new job.  

The cool thing about the Air Force is that even though there are about 332,000 people in uniform servicing on active duty, when you start talking about your particular cohort or year group and your particular specialty, the world gets significantly smaller.  It was really cool to meet people in this class who I've only heard or talked to on the phone over the years. 

One of my old friends, Michelle, who I've been stationed with a couple of times, was in the class.  So, we set out to the track on several mornings to try to motivate each other to at least run/walk/jog a little bit.  We had to counteract the massive amounts of time sitting in a classroom watching briefers and PowerPoint presentations.  My picture from the "take a walk" week is this one I shot from my phone while walking an interval (I actually did run some that morning!).  The sunrise was neat to see as it reminded me of 15 years earlier when I was on that very ground as an officer trainee.  Man...time flies! 

I'm still behind in my photography posts, but I'm committed to catching up!  And I'll continue to remain thankful that deadlines are flexible.  :)  Thank you, Sally!!!

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  1. Thinking good thoughts for you as you prep for the big job :-)!!!!! Love and miss you!


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