Saturday, January 5, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 1 - A Pondering Woman

Week 1 - Self-Portrait
That's me.  The pondering woman.
I'm thinking of all the things I'd like to do this year and how I wish I had the energy to do them. 
I'm thinking about how I want new glasses.
I'm thinking that I should wear eyeshadow more often.
I'm thinking that the skin on my nose is really dry and it's a mystery.
I'm thinking my haircut is cute and I'm relieved because I had to try a new stylist because mine moved.
I'm thinking I should get my eyebrows waxed more often.
I'm thinking I should get some bigger diamonds for my ears.
I'm thinking about being less frustrated by my job.
I'm thinking about going to the gym.
I'm thinking about the next 51 weeks and the photo journey I'm on.
I'm thinking that I compare my life to others' too often.
I'm thinking I'll get another beer (lite, of course) and go play.


  1. I love it! Your photo is so playful and your description is fun. I love how you cropped the photo to vapture your ponderingness.

  2. What a darling photo!!! I love your new cut. You look at ease in this photo despite all the things going through your head. And I think we all do too much in the way of comparing ourselves to others, but I think it's our nature.

  3. THis is great looking forward to the next 51 weeks! You need to go add your link to Sally's blog post... so that everyone can find you!

  4. This took some thought and planning. Great shot!

  5. Awsome photo - so playful and fun - just like the shots you posted on FB last night! And....CUTE haircut! If my hairstylist moved away, I would die - or move with her!

  6. I am thinking you have a wonderful sense of humor! Love it!

  7. This is the quintessential Jenn if you ask me, perfect shot! As for comparing your life to others too often, I know just what you mean. When i read the last post by Cindy W. on the poster she had, #5 spoke to me "avoid getting trapped in someone elses story. Be the author of your own life" I really liked that. Glad you are doing this journey!

  8. You really are beautiful! Your eyes and smile convey so much. I wanna come and think with you (only mine will be a glass of wine)

  9. I think you are right.
    I think your hair look perfect.
    I think I am glad I met you.
    I think I am glad to be on this journey of 52 with you!

  10. Hey there pretty girl! What a great start to the 52 Weeks project!

    Is your new stylist in Hampton? Mine moved away quite awhile ago, and I've not been able to find another that I like. Tell me who you're seeing now!

  11. Love this one! And I think all that thinking is exactly what I was doing at 2am!! LOL! ;-)

  12. a wonderful description that fits so well with the photo.

    Nicole from

  13. what a great post! I love the look on your face, and the list of things running through your mind!

  14. Great post and photo! I'm thinking you would be fun to hang out with!

  15. Love it! This has got to be one of my favorites so far. It really captures your personality beautifully!

  16. I can see your mind working! Perfect. I tried to take a "hmm" shot of myself but it just looked fake. The other day I caught sight of my 2 year old tapping her index finger on her lip, saying hmm, considering some crayons aor stickers. Too funny she is becoming quite the unintended mirror

  17. For a moment I thought you were an aquaintance of mine ... short sassy hair with the personality to match it! Love both the self portrait and your post!

  18. Don't forget impish! You look like your up to something!

  19. What a really cute way to present your self portrait and what a beauty that portrait is!!


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