Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A simple breakfast can be lovely

From my Project 52 set...the week 6 shot of breakfast from Sunday morning.
Week 6 - A simple blue breakfast
I'd love to say I eat this beautifully every morning, but I used up all the milk on Sunday and haven't gotten any more yet.  Now I'm stuck with diet bread with diet peanut butter and diet jelly.  Delicious.  haaaaaaaaaa

I love that the little blueberry star is the highlight of the pic (and it only took me six shots to get it like this!! haaaaaaaaaaa)  Luckily, it's some sort of super-healthy cereal that doesn't get soggy fast.

Happy middle-of-February!


  1. Great shot Jen, my eyes went right to that star! Hope to see you soon at A&S !


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