Friday, February 24, 2012

Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal: Earrings!

It's the last Friday of February.
It's the day for the Artisan Clay Design Team Reveal.
We've been doing this goodness for a whole year now.
This is the finale!
I made some earrings.
They highlight Kristie's beautiful ceramic and recycled glass charms.
Memory wire can be your friend.
I get a peacock feather vibe from them even though I didn't plan it.
They're asymmetrical solo but symmetrical as a pair.
It was fun to "shop" my own stash and find greens and blues.
I haven't made jewelry in a long time.
It feels good!
Thank you, Kristie!!
There's more to be seen on this reveal day from my fellow team designers...


  1. Such a fun way to do these as earrings! REally love that style!

  2. That's a really cool use of memory wire! These earrings are simply fabulous. I love that they mirror each other as well. Nicely done!

  3. Like the style and design of the earring with 2 pieces in it and inside the hoop a smaller piece moving and dangling.The color is also mesmerising.

  4. Oh, love lOvE LOVE these! I especially like the asymmetricality (is that even a word?). I think that as a pendant I would try to do that. Spice it up for sure! You are a marvel. Enjoy the day.

  5. You and me girl.... I am a HUGE memory wire fan! I am constantly thinking about trying to fit memory wire into my designs... something about it. I just love it.
    I really like how you picked your beads for the hoop section. Fabulous!

  6. So So pretty I love that colour it is so beautiful!


  7. Beautiful earrings! Such a simple, stunning design. Your beads compliment Kristie's charm colors nicely.

  8. Gorgeous!!! Simply STUNNING!! Wow, and those recycled glass components are beautiful!! Nice work, Jen!!

  9. This is a gorgeous set of earrings...WOW!!!!

  10. I am sure it was fun getting back together with them.The earrings look very pretty in lovely complimenting colours.

  11. This is very creative. Great use of recycled glass!(:


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