Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zebra Stripes & Shells?


I fell in love with this Donna Millard bead as soon as I saw it.  I just loooooove those stripes and the whole organic feel of it.  I have serious problems when I see her updates--there really isn't any of her work that I don't love and I have to hold myself back because I already have a big stack of them!  I'm just happy that I finally sat down and crafted something up with this one. 

So, how about those little striped shells?  I've never seen anything like them and when a little Happy Mango holiday coupon came out, I did a little splurging.  They're called "Columbilia shells."  I think they're just perfect little zebra striped bits!!  It's all mixed up with amethyst, green garnet, & lava rock rounds along with a couple of HMBStudios lampwork disks.   It has been hard for me to go symmetric, but I really think it was the best thing to do to really feature this bead.  I was able to go asymmetric on the bracelet instead.  haaaaaaaaaaa

I'm off to get these babies posted to Etsy...then if I sell them I can buy some more of Donna's beads!  haaaaaaaaaaa


  1. Awww, Jen, you did my bead proud. Your necklace is just yummy. Love it! And, thank-you. Happy Holiday's to you Jen! xo

  2. It looks gorgeous - you did a great job. Donna certainly makes beautiful beads.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to such a great artist! Gorgeous necklace by the way!

  4. What a snazzy piece. I love the zebra shells, they compliment that "To Die For" Lampwork piece beautifully. Nice work.

  5. Nice done. I like the work that u created!

  6. love the necklace!! and those little shell beads are so cool!....just wanted to let you know your swap package to me arrived today!!!love all the goodies! did you make the boxes? they are so cute! thanks so much Jen!

  7. Oh that is so absolutely wonderful! For most that would be a tough bead to work with but no, you rocked it!


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