Monday, December 6, 2010

The End of Aloha

It's my last vacation day in Hawaii.  I'm relaxing here in my room overlooking the service entrance to the catering and reveling in the peace of trucks backing up.  The room was a bargain...haaaaaaaaaaaa  I really can't complain, though because I have palm trees swaying right in front of me and the sky is a phenomenal blue.  Oh, and I have powdered sugar all over my lap and computer from the donuts I just had--I did some sort of exercising almost every day, so a few munchkins won't kill me.

Monica and Kyle's wedding was gorgeous.  I cried.  But, I think it was less the joyful emotions and more the extraordinary amounts of fun drinks I had.  haaaaaaaaa  Remember in college when you learned not to mix different types of drinks all in one night?  Well, I apparently needed to remind myself.  Beer, champagne, wine, Mai Tais...all landed me home with a bra full of little orange umbrellas and an entire day lost to a hangover.  Many thanks to my friend, Beth, for keeping me safe and sound.  :)  And to my sweetie, who called from 13.5 hours away and got me at 0730 the next morning.  That was probably a great conversation, but I don't remember it!  haaaaaaaaaaaa

While the wedding was the highlight of the week, a close second was my trip to The Bead Gallery.  I found this shop back in 2008 while visiting with my friends Lauren and Marc.  I couldn't wait to go back and was not disappointed!!  I have all my treats packed up to head home, but will eventually share pics...tons of vintage lucite and plastic flower pieces, some gorgeous pearls, and then just pairs and trios of random beads from all around the store.  They have these little tiny bags of seed beads that are just $1 each, so they're addicting...I think I have at least 20 of them.  Until I get some pics, though, here's a quickie of some cool starflower cactus thingies that we saw while hiking up the trail at Koko Head.


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  1. So that is where you ended up! I have been missing you! Bead shopping in a tropical locale? Drink umbrellas in your bra? YOU really know how to live it up, Miss Jen!
    Enjoy the day!


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